Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy

Mission of the S. B. W. F. A.

To develop professional and safe responses in the wildland environment by offering training and education that meets the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Standards.

The Academy

Ruidoso Convention Center

Welcome to the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy. As fire-fighting professionals, it is important that we fully understand the theories and techniques of modern day wildland firefighting. The Academy's classes have been designed to provide you with the information and knowledge to safely and effectively fight the fire threats we see today. Our philosophy is that the more professionally trained individuals we have, the better we can serve and protect our communities.


2018 SBWFA


2018 Academy Update:

All workshops, refreshers, and lower level 100/200 level classes will only be available through the SBWFA website registration and NOT listed in IQCS. Please click here to register and pay for the following classes:

          - FI-110 & FI-210 Fire Investigation
          - L-280 Followship to Leadership
          - S-130, S-190, L-180 Wildland Firefighting Basics
          - S-131 Firefighter Type 1
          - S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use
          - S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saw
          - S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland Urban Interface
          - S-219 - Firing Operations
          - S-260 & S-261 - Incident Business Management
          - S-290 - Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
          - IWIM - Incident Within and Incident Management
          - Fire Investigator Refresher
          - MTDC Chain Saw Training Course
          - RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher

For all 300 and 400 level courses, federally employed students will need to register via IQCS.Please visit the National Wildland Fire Training website for more information on how to submit nominations. Regional level 300 and 400 level courses require student prioritization, therefore payment cannot be made until course selections are made. Regional level coures include:

          - ICS-300 Intermediate ICS
          - ICS-400 Advanced ICS
          - RX-410 Smoke Management
          - S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander

For any quesitons concerning courses and registration please email


Course Registration:

To register for a class go here.



Supervisors - if you need to pay for multiple students you can go here.

The registration fees for the Academy are:

- $50 per refresher course or workshop
- $100 per class
- $150 for unlimited classes


Students currently taking classes at ENMU Ruidoso enrolled in the Wildland Fire Science Degree Program and/or Eligible Veterans will receive a class fee waiver. Students will be required to bring supporting documentation upon checking in to the academy.


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